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Farming with Drones

Do you wish you had better information about your fields?
Are your rising input costs hurting your bottom line?

We help you by using drones to model and monitor your farm on a regular schedule before planting, after crop emergence, throughout the season, and before harvest. 

This allows us to provide unique insights on things like weed growth, water management, and yield. 

We then  can take those maps and insights to apply your preferred products in a precise way.  

We can apply herbicide, insecticide, fungicide, fertilizer, lime, and more with our aerial application drones.

Spraying with Drones

Spray where you can't now

Drones can fly to places tractors can't go.  

You might have a pasture that only has trail access,

or a field that is too wet to drive on.

Spraying with drones can make your life easier.


SEE what you couldn't before

We can identify problem areas weeks before you can see them with the human eye.

Those maps are then turned into prescriptive maps for spot spraying.

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