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About AeroAG

Wess Jordan- Owner

At AeroAg, we are dedicated innovation in agriculture. Our blog explores this topic (especially focusing on drone technology). To understand our company better, I would like to introduce myself and my background.

I served for 9 years in the military, achieving several special qualifications including passing the U.S. Army's premiere leadership course - Army Ranger School. Specializing in small unit tactics, I utilized small drones for reconnaissance missions. This exposure to Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) sparked my interest in the field.

After leaving the military I pursued several project management certifications, including PMP, CSM, CSPO, and ASEP. This led to a period of work in construction project management. My military background and discipline allowed me to become one of the highest performing project managers in the region.

I then took my interest in drones to the next level by pursuing a Masters of Science in Unmanned Aerial Systems Engineering. After completing the majority of this degree, I met a farmer who was interested in exploring drone technology on his own farm. This led us to start AeroAg, a custom drone application business, specializing in the use of DJI spray drones.

We hope to see rapid adoption of UAS in agriculture. Part of our intermediate term plans is to prototype and create a few specialized drones for specific use-cases not addressed by larger spraying drones.


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