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Comprehensive Guide to Drone Spraying Service Costs Per Acre

At Aero Ag, we are revolutionizing agricultural practices through our advanced drone spraying services. Most people understand that this is a huge opportunity to save on chemical labor cost, but to show how much you can save on your farm you have to understand drone spraying services costs per acre. This article offers an in-depth look at how we price our drone spraying services per acre, taking into account the unique aspects of each field we service.

Aero Ag's Drone Spraying Services

Our services utilize cutting-edge drone technology to apply treatments like pesticides, herbicides, lime, and fertilizers. The precision and efficiency of our drones make them an invaluable tool for modern farmers, enabling targeted application and minimizing chemical costs. We have seen significant cost reduction for many of our clients.

The biggest advantages are:

Time savings

Many of our customers have said that jobs we were able to do in an afternoon would have taken days or weeks to do in traditional ways. We see biggest time savings for clients with complex jobs or areas that are so overgrown that it is difficult to get traditional equipment into that area. One example was a job that was so overgrown with Kudzu that the client could only treat it with backpack sprayers from the edges of the property. Another was a 150 acre managed wetland that was overgrown with thick weeds and couldn't be accessed at all. In these cases we solved their issues in a day and saved those customers weeks of labor cost.

Chemical savings

Our ability to spray fields precisely where the weed or nutrient problem is allows us to use 25%-50% less chemical in some cases. This chemical savings can completely offset the cost of our treatment for many customers.

Overall, the savings in labor and chemical cost mean that our drone spraying services can actually reduce overall cost for many clients.

Pricing Structure at Aero Ag

At Aero Ag, our pricing for drone spraying services are primarily influenced by the complexity of the field being treated. Obstacles in the field like trees or powerlines can have a big impact on the time it takes to spray that field. A good way to estimate cost is to assume a cost between $15 and $20 per acre.

Factors Influencing Cost

Field Complexity:

Simple, obstacle-free fields with straightforward shapes are quicker and easier to spray, thus more cost-effective. In contrast, fields with complex shapes or numerous obstacles require more time and precision, leading to a higher cost.

Service Frequency:

Our VIP precision agriculture plan includes detailed mapping and analyses with 4-6 spray missions throughout the season, covering various treatments from lime and fertilization to pre-emergent and post-emergent applications, mid-season maintenance, and burndown. The cost-per-service and cost-per-acre drops significantly for VIP customers.

Added Value of Aero Ag's Services

Beyond just spraying, for our VIP customers we offer comprehensive monitoring and analysis before and after each mission. This includes assessing erosion, weed presence and species, spray effectiveness, plant health, and yield. These value-added services are included at no extra cost under our VIP precision agriculture plan, ensuring that our clients receive not just a service, but a complete agricultural solution.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

The value provided through our comprehensive service package offers significant long-term benefits.

Time - Our services significantly reduce the time you need to invest to have excellent results and yields.

Outcomes - Precision spraying, constant monitoring, and using the most effective product for the problem results in much cleaner fields and can help you get the most yield possible from a field.

Effort - Because we handle everything from identifying problems through to treating them, your effort required to get those amazing yields drops dramatically.

Cost - Our cost is competitive with traditional, less effective methods, but dramatically lower than other precision solutions like GPS guided variable rate tractors. The savings in labor and chemical cost can completely pay for our precision services.

Why Choose Aero Ag

Choosing Aero Ag means opting for a partner who understands precision agriculture. Our expertise, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, ensures that your agricultural needs are met with the highest standards of efficiency and care.


Aero Ag is committed to providing top-tier drone spraying services that go beyond just application. Our pricing reflects the comprehensive nature of our services, designed to cater to the unique needs of each field. With our focus on precision, efficiency, and added value, we are your ideal partner in modernizing and optimizing your agricultural practices.

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