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How Effective is Liquid Lime?

Soil pH is a critical factor that influences the availability of nutrients and the overall health of crops. Traditional agricultural practices often involve the use of powdered lime to correct acidic soils. However, the advent of liquid lime formulations, such as AgriTec ProCal, has opened up new avenues for soil treatment. This post aims to explore the effectiveness of liquid lime as an alternative for soil amendment.

What is Liquid Lime?

Liquid lime is a formulation that contains lime or calcium carbonate in a liquid form, often combined with water and other additives to improve its efficacy. Unlike traditional powdered lime, liquid lime is easier to apply and can offer quicker results.

Benefits of Using Liquid Lime

  • Liquid lime is designed for rapid absorption into the soil, which means quicker pH adjustment compared to traditional methods. Adjustments in ph can be noticed in under 30 days

  • The effects of liquid lime adjustment can last for several years.

  • The liquid form allows for more uniform distribution, reducing the risk of over-application or under-application of the product.

  • Liquid lime can be much cheaper per acre for the same level of ph adjustment.

  • Labor costs can be vastly reduced, especially if using drone application methods.

Field Trials

Field trials on Agritec Procal have shown adequate ph adjustment from as low an application rate as 3 gallons per acre. In one trial on wheat, ph adjustment using Agritec Procal combined with fertilization with liquid fertilizers resulted in yield that was double the national average. Farmers who have switched to this liquid lime formulation report improvements in crop yield and soil health.


Liquid Lime offers a convenient and effective way to adjust soil pH levels. While more research is needed to substantiate its benefits scientifically, the product holds promise as a viable alternative to traditional lime applications. The biggest benefit to the farmer is the reduction in labor cost and time. Traditional lime may take several days to apply in a larger operation. Farmers also have to factor in the time to move equipment out to remote locations. Using liquid lime, applied by drones, can reduce this significantly.

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